Small Pebble Soap with Porcelain Dish

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Assorted handmade soaps in a small natural pebble design. They look just like pebbles on the beach. Handmade with 100% natural ingredients and lemongrass essential oil, yet vegan and cruelty free. Thanks to a coconut oil base which helps lock in hydration. As a result the skin stays hydrated and supple after cleansing.

Each soap is small but mighty. It can be used many times last longer than you can imagine.

The set comes with a handmade white porcelain dish with a grey marble effect giving its unique character on its own. Ideal a great gift for any occasions and home use.

Soap ingredients: coconut oil, sesame oil, water, red kidney beans, soya beans, green beans, black beans, butterfly pea, rice, sodium hydroxide, acanthaceae, sodium hydroxide and lemongrass essential oil

100% Handmade, natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free

Soap dish size: approximately 6×8 cm