Large Pebble Soap with Marble Design

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A large natural pebble soaps in marble design.

Handmade with 100% natural ingredients, yet vegan and cruelty free. Thanks to a coconut oil base which helps lock in hydration. As a result a skin stays hydrated and supple after cleansing.

Scented with natural essential oil for an optimal relaxing experience. Perfect for hand and body.

Available in 3 assorted colours of charcoal, brown and light brown.

Soap ingredients: coconut oil, sesame oil, water, red kidney beans, soya beans, green beans, black beans, butterfly pea, rice, sodium hydroxide, acanthaceae, sodium hydroxide and lemongrass & lavender essential oil

100% Handmade, natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free.

Soap size : W6×L7.5xH3.5 cm

Soap box size : W6.5×L8xH3.5 cm