Cosmic Dealer Rooibos Ayurvedic Tea - Sleep

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Ayurvedic infusion for deep and restorative sleep - Toasted buckwheat (grown and roasted in Brittany) gives the body a warm embrace, coaxing it into relaxation with subtle notes of caramel. - Ayurvedic herbs (Lemon Balm, like cinnamon, star anise and fennel) seduce the mind into a deep slumber. It’s satisfying, it’s comfy, it’s like falling asleep next to Bambi on a warm forest floor. Ingredients: roasted buckwheat,* green rooibos,* red rooibos,* Lemon Balm, *Matricaria, * cinnamon,* star anise,* fennel fruit *From Organic farming 115g Made in France / organic / natural / vegan / no artificial flavors / no additives⁠ .

Roasted buckwheat *, Green rooibos*, Red rooibos*, Cinnamon *, Star anise *, Fennel fruit *, Wild chamomile *, Lemon balm* * From organic farming